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from the Ancient

Inspiration from the Ancient

AIPA can be used almost everywhere. They can be planted in various dry climates and soil, preferably with direct sunlight to optimize the results. Whether the intention of growing trees is for profit, ecological restoration, or turning degraded land usable again, this invention is an ideal choice to consider.
Its ‘plant and forget’ feature could be a game-changer to mitigate desertification or grow economic plants in arid and semiarid environments.

The Invention: An Overview

AIPA comprises four main components:
Water reservoir
Hygroscopic material chamber
Inclined top cover

The Mechanism

In principle, the hygroscopic material absorbs water from the air at night. In the daytime, direct sunlight heats the hygroscopic material and causes the absorbed water to evaporate.
The evaporated water has been condensed at the inclined surface due to temperature changes and collected in the bottom reservoir through a specially designed channel.
The rainwater has also been collected in the water reservoir through the second channel. Water from the reservoir will then be provided to plant roots directly through a capillary, continuously creating a microenvironment for the plant.

The Benefits

It comes with a unique feature of extracting water from thin air along with rainwater harvesting to create a microenvironment for the plant to keep it healthy.
Only minimal maintenance is required. This gadget can capture moisture, soak up water, store it, and prepare to use during drought or periodic irrigation.
An ideal solution for planting trees which can combat desertification but also economically profitable, or trees that are drought-tolerant and suit for afforestation or reforestation projects.

How does AIPA Work?

In principle, the inventive apparatus will be placed around the planted tree by first preparing the soil bed.
The base reservoir will be filled with water and covered with upper compartment.
The upper compartment will be filled with hygroscopic material and covered with top glass cover.
The hygroscopic material will absorb water from air at night time which will be evaporated due to solar heating at day time.
The evaporated water will be condensed at the bottom of glass cover and trickled down towards the base water reservoir through especially designed channel.
Other than this, the rain water falling on the top cover will also be collected through especially designed water channel.
The base water container will provide calculated amount of water to the soil through capillary action and avoid excessive water evaporation due to extreme arid hot weather and create micro environment around the plant to keep it healthy.
These features would provide the freedom to plant trees with low to high daily water requirements.

The Modification

A modified version which suits urban farming and city landscaping.
With an aim to:
  • create self-sufficiency
  • sustainable mitigation for food security
  • reduce impact on the environment (GHG emissions)
  • upscale projects to community or national level
  • provide socioeconomic benefits